/Kashi Karvat: RATNESHWAR MAHADEV in Banaras(varanasi)
kashi karvat temple

Kashi Karvat: RATNESHWAR MAHADEV in Banaras(varanasi)

RATNESHWAR MAHADEV :Banaras(varanasi), UP

Other names: Matri-rin Kashi Karvat (Karvat- leaning)

 Architecture: classical style with a nagara shikhara & phamsana mandapa

Interesting Fact: Leaning tower of Pisa is tilted at an angle of 4° while Kashi Karvat is at 9°.


The temple was built by an unnamed servant of Raja Man Singh for his mother Ratna Bai (500 yrs ago). Upon building it , he proudly boasted that he paid his debt of her. She cursed him & the temple started leaning because the debt of a mother can’t be repaid.

According to another story the temple was built by a female servant of Ahilya Bai of Indore, named Ratna Bai. Constructed at a very low spot, the builder must have known that it would be underwater for much of the yr. For worshipping Shiva, the temple priest have to dive in the Ganga.